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LOL Folksters

Making fun of our favorite musicians is serious business.

If you are the owner of any of this content, PLEASE let me know! I will be more than happy to credit you, of course.

When available, you can access the source photos by clicking on the funnies.
Feb 17 '14


Winter Olympic Games + Mumford Hiatus = Mumford On Ice

This is beautiful.

Feb 1 '14

Marcus needs hte mayo

When I see something like this on my dash, it must be shared.


Marcus needs hte mayo

When I see something like this on my dash, it must be shared.

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Feb 26 '13
Funny.  This looks familiar…

Funny. This looks familiar…

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Oct 17 '12

The fierce Australian sun beats down upon us all, but I barely notice its heat.  All I can see is beard.  Despite the rush I always have onstage, I cannot wait for this gig to end…for only then will I be nestled safe in his arms, nuzzling the glorious golden nest he has grown for me.  It shines like a maple tree in autumn, beckoning me.  For once, I barely notice Ben as he pounds and thrusts away at his keyboard.  His smooth cheeks and sparse hair can’t compare to the shining golden locks of my lover.  ~ Winston

Jun 14 '12

Anonymous asked:

if you could go on a date with any of your followers or people you follow, who and why?

Mah wiffles, obviously.  I lurves them.



May 14 '12

As The Banjo Turns…(5/14/12)

I can feel him drifting away from me, and I don’t know what to do.  I’ve tried everything.  Curse these smooth, hairless cheeks!  He tries to act like nothing is wrong, but I can tell.  I see the longing in his eyes every time a beard passes by…I see how he stares at Win when he thinks I’m not looking.  There is a desperation in our bedplay that was never there before.  The scratches on my back are a constant reminder of him, and how close I am to losing him.  ~  Marcus

May 11 '12

As The Banjo Turns…(5/11/12)

He has grown a mustache and neckbeard for me because he knows how very much I love facial hair on a man.  The slight rasp and tickle adds a special something to our lovemaking.  However, there is a tiny, guilty part of me that wonders what it would be like if he could grow a full manly beard.  The slight tickle of his sparse mustache surely pales in comparison to the forest of facial hair with which Winston tempts me.  At times, I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to resist the siren call of Winnie’s glorious beard.  ~  Ben

May 10 '12

As The Banjo Turns…

He thinks he’s been successful at hiding his feelings for Ben, but I know.  I know, and it’s slowly killing me.  I watch his trim hips thrust rhythmically as he plays his banjo, and I know that tonight I’ll be comforting him yet again…a poor substitute for the one he truly wants.  Will he ever open his eyes and see what we could have together?  What we could be?  Or will he just slowly destroy what little is left of my heart?  ~ Ted

May 9 '12


I’m back…sorta.  For now, there’ll be sporadic postings of the utterly ridiculous drama “As The Banjo Turns.”  Is there trouble in paradise for Benj and Marcus?  Will Winnie ever confess his secret love?  Does Ted have any yearnings of his own?  Stay tuned…

I’m happy to take submissions, too…writing short paragraphs is easy, but editing photos is still something I just don’t have the time for!  Sorry if you don’t find the new material amusing…I do, and that’s always been the first goal for me.  :)

Also Marcuck likes it.

May 9 '12

Mumford & Sons Erotica (As The Banjo Turns)

I sometimes wonder if he realizes the effect his antics with Marcus have on me.  I try desperately to keep my desires hidden, but how can he not know?  Is he so enthralled by his burly lover that he can’t see how strongly I am drawn to him?  I would wallow in despair of ever running my fingers through his glorious chest hair, except…at times there is a naughty twinkle in his brown eyes when he looks at me.  Dare I hope I have a chance?  ~  Winston

May 9 '12

Mumford & Sons Erotica

Sometimes, as he pounds away at his keyboard, I get so aroused and distracted that I forget lyrics.  He’ll just look at me with his brilliant smile, and tease me by taking off whatever ridiculous shirt he’s wearing to reveal his snug white vest.  If not for Win and Ted keeping us in line, we’d never even make it through soundcheck.  ~ Marcus

May 9 '12

Avett Erotica.

I saw her walking towards me and was struck by her beauty.  My fingers itched to stroke her sleek body.  My brother stopped me before I could act upon my fantasies. “No, Seth…no more kitties,” he said.  I watched at she passed by, my soul yearning to follow her.  ~Seth

I touch my finger to the glistening sheen of sweetness and lift it to my mouth, savoring the unique flavor that can only come from my one true love.  A part of me weeps as I realize that our time together grows shorter by the minute.  Alas, breakfast is nearly over.  This is the last pancake.  ~Scott

I watch him as his glorious hair tumbles about his face as he plays his cello.  My love for him is all-consuming, and I know that he feels the same.  I hope that we will be together always.  ~Bob

May 9 '12

Somebody should write Mumford & Sons erotica.

This evening, as Marcus was coming in from laying the fence, I looked at him and my heart swelled with love and joy that we could be together.  I glanced at Winnie and we shared a smile, and Ted came and rested his head on my shoulder as I finished preparing our meal.


Mar 27 '12
Hi.  Look what my new phone does.

Hi. Look what my new phone does.

Feb 21 '12
Submitted by iwillnotfall

Submitted by iwillnotfall